Komodo dragon derived antimicrobial peptide

The protein, DRGN1 , is a synthetic peptide derived from the antimicrobial peptide VK25 found in Komodo Dragons. DRGN1 permeabilizes membranes and has anti-biofilm as well as anti-microbial activity 1.

Photo by dab1859 @ pixabay

DRGN1, as an anti-microbial peptide (AMP), is produced as a genetically encoded protein rather than a small molecule. The mechanism by which it gets its anti-microbial properties is not well understood - and its ability to act as an anti-biofilm is a mechanism unique to peptides (over small molecules).

As a genetically encoded anti-microbial, the DRGN1 protein can also be genetically fused to most any other protein in order to confer anti-biotic/biofilm properties to other genetic materials or tools (for instance ADF3 - (Spider Silk) ).