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Efficient protein construct design

Pinecone is Serotiny’s web-based software for high-level design of protein constructs. Build novel proteins using modular functional domains. With an infrastructure optimized specifically for protein constructs, we help you track biological functions and relationships between domains to guide your new designs.
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High-throughput design

Easily design entire libraries of genetic constructs. Build an entire set of new proteins in seconds, varying linkers, fluorophores, purification tags, or any other region of interest. By reusing components during synthesis the cost of each construct in a set is significantly reduced.
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Save with intelligent synthesis

Reusing components in a high-throughput design allows for less expensive synthesis. Depending on your design-set, you can be delivered sets of constructs in useful plasmids for less than $200 per 2kb construct, ~10¢/bp. We provide instant estimates for production of your designs.

Design in the way you think

By focusing on the protein domain as the basic unit, Pinecone enables straight-forward, plain language design. We abstract the complexity of long strings of nucleotides, into higher-level functional units. Find useful proteins that are “green” and “localize to the nucleus”.

Price your DNA instantly

Design your construct, pick your deliverable - dsDNA, plasmid DNA or purified protein - and Serotiny will instantly price your order from various vendors.

Mutations libraries

Easily design entire libraries of mutations. Quickly build proteins with multiple mutations, multiple proteins with a mutation, or combinatorial mutation libraries.
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