About Serotiny

Inspired by life – Serotiny digitally encodes nature’s features and functions into a biologically aware API for the high-throughput, rational design of multi-domain synthetic proteins.

By coupling state-of-the-art mammalian synthetic biology and a finely-tuned software architecture, Serotiny aims to embrace one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century to improve people’s lives. Serotiny designs custom proteins with cutting edge capabilities including treatment of cancers and genetic disorders. We partner with leaders in the life sciences to give proteins wholly new functions for more effective, safer, and customized therapies.

With support from world-class investors including Nanodimension and 8VC, Serotiny is proud to build a cross-disciplinary team of passionate individuals with varied experiences.

Mammalian Synthetic Biology - CRISPR
San Francisco, CA, Full Time


This person will lead Serotiny’s capabilities for genetic engineering by inventing novel synthetic proteins and collaborating with software developers to deploy creative protein design methodologies.

The infrastructure is part of a design/build/test loop that couples a finely tuned software architecture with wet-lab mammalian synthetic biology. Serotiny is looking for our first synthetic biologist who is excited to utilize Serotiny’s novel software architecture to invent Cas and CRISPR systems for genetic engineering.


  • Design and evaluate novel gene-editing protein constructs
  • Efficiently identify and analyze constructs used in scientific literature
  • Design experiments to test the functionality of novel proteins in mammalian systems
  • Collaborate with software engineers to develop the design and analysis methodologies
  • Manage a synthetic biology lab
  • Direct protein design for genetic engineering projects


  • Ph.D. in molecular biology or Ph.D. with equivalent experience in synthetic biology
  • Direct experience with Cas-like proteins
  • Expertise in mammalian synthetic biology
  • Desire to manage a lab
  • Flexibility and desire to work at the early stages of a startup


  • Full health benefits
  • Budget to host and attend biology conferences/meetups
  • Opportunities to research and publish cutting edge synthetic biology
  • Opportunity to invent new proteins and design methodologies